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Hulk Smash!


The Incredible Hulk – courtesy of Rick Baiker.
Rick writes: “I’ve been having fun inking Jack with a simple fine point marker. It really makes me appreciate the work Jack’s classic inkers have brought to his work. Even Vince. He has a very deft touch at feathering some of Jack’s hard line. Excellent brush technique. Keep in mind this is from a scan on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. Would like to try it in original size some day”.

Kirby Recreations


A host of Kirby recreations courtesy of French web designer Michel Ravey.





To discover the illustration process behind Michel’s recreations, click on each of the Kirby
originals below.

JRY085 922398 AV004

FF087 capkirbypenrv-1

Happy Holidays


Ho, ho, ho. There’s just two more sleeps until December 25th and to celebrate we present two illustrative gems to fill up your stocking. First up Marc Basile reminds us of the old adage, “A super-teleportation-canine is for life and not just for Christmas”. And below, Renato Stevanato envisions the emotional stress a game of musical chairs may have on one Bruce Banner.

Hulk Natale

Tribute Galley

Hulk Portrait

Rounding-up a week of Steve Coates tribute art with this gallery featuring The Hulk, two Demons and a couple of special guests.

Demon B&W


Demon Colour


What If Jack Kirby Covers

Hulk Triptych

Hulk Green

Our third gallery this week from Steve Coates aptly features a trio of techniques featuring the not so “Jolly Green” himself.

Hulk B&W


Hulk Grey

Hulk Victorious


The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man courtesy of MJ Macedo.
MJ writes, “I’m a cartoonist and concept artist from Brazil. I’m currently involved in the comic adaptation of the Brazilian movie, City of God, from director Fernando Meirelles. I’m also a writer, having published my first book in 2012, A Espetacular Vida da Morte (which translates something like The Amazing Life of Death), with a major Brazilian publisher. In 2014 my first two animated series will debut on the Brazilian Cartoon Network and problably some months later in Canada. Jack Kirby was a great inspiration for me, in so many ways. Here is a piece created recently”.

Happy Birthday Jack!

Today marks the 96th anniversary of Jack Kirby’s birth and to celebrate KIRBY-VISION proudly presents our annual portrait gallery in honour of ‘The King of Comics’.


Ashley Holt

jack kirby 96 birthday colors

Mike Sullivan

Kirby def by Jorge Freire 2

Jorge Freire

Jack and thecrackle machine

Lanc Godwin


Kenn Thomas

Jack Kirby-The Man Who Would Be KING!!!

Steven John Vasquez


Peder Riis


Craig Peters
Craig writes, “I’m more a writer than an artist, so I took one of my favorite pieces of Jack’s work and … well, rewrote it.” – Click Image to enlarge.


Jason Garrattley


Derek Langille
For an extra visual treat check out Derek’s Flickr collection of 165 Kirby Double-page spreads.

Kirby 2013 Final Lettered 150

J.A. Fludd


James Burns


Marc Basile


Brendan Tobin

Also joining in the Birthday celebrations with non-portrait pieces:

001 (2)

Jeff McKenzie


Volker Stieber


Les White

And finally, Italian Renato Stevanato gifted not one but five portraits which will form part of his own celebratory post at his blog, cartoonstherapy.

jack miracle

jack il surfista

jack e monster

jack e demon

jack space

A huge thank you to all the artists who took the time to contribute to today’s Birthday celebration, making it our biggest portrait gallery ever. And of course a huge thank you goes out to Jack Kirby for his continuing inspiration. Long live The King!



FF Meet The Hulk

FF #12

Many thanks to Rick Thibodeau for sharing his recreation of Jack’s Fantastic Four #12 cover. The piece, 3D acrylic on wood, was created some years ago and Rick finally pulled it out of storage to photograph it and add it to his blog. Rick writes: “Intended to add lettering as another layer but couldnt figure a good way to cut the wood (all done by hand)”.


Calgary Expo Tribute Art

This week at KIRBY-VISION we will be featuring a number of posts from Kirby Museum member, Steve Coates.
First up, a selection of gifted artwork from the recent Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.


Steve writes: While Michael Cho was attending the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, he presented a gift, an original Captain America portrait to the Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center, to be used for fundraising. It is such a great piece, it has to be shared. The portrait is rendered with pen and marker on a 8.5 in x 11 in marker board. The piece did not sell over the Expo weekend and remains in the Museum’s possession. A big thank you goes out to Michael for his gift and for taking part of the Jack Kirby Influence panel during the Expo.


James Clement of Edmonton did the rendering of Captain America and the Hulk using pen and ink. James donated the 8.5 in x 11 in original to the Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center, for fundraising efforts. The piece remains in the Museum’s possession and will be showcased at upcoming Alberta based shows. The museum is benefitting from the continued and increasing support from artists, like James. Keep up the good work James and hope to see you at the Edmonton Expo.

Tribute 2


Our second tribute this week to feature Jack himself, comes courtesy of James Burns.