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Happy 100th Birthday Jack!

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Jack Kirby’s birth and to celebrate KIRBY-VISION proudly presents a very special portrait gallery in honour of ‘The King of Comics’.

J.A. Fludd

Brendan Tobin

Russell Payne

Vince Stone

Scott Ligon

Kevin Paul Shaw Broden

Renato Stevanato

Volker Stieber

Mike Sullivan

J.P. Vilchi

Marc Basile



Portrait & 3D art ‘A Meal fit for a King’ by Dale Martin


Portrait and Kirby recreations by Stuart Roach

Tom Kelly – Pen & ink illustrations for Challengers Comics and Conversation‘s Kirby 100th event.

Derek Langille – Inks & colours from Kirby original.

Shannon Slayton once again treats us to some of the Kirby portraits he has commissioned over the past few years.

David Williams

Josh Bayer

Karl Slominski

Dean Stahl

Video games & comic book artist -3- rounds of this year’s gallery with the above portrait and a 100 clues/answers crossword challenge which comes as a downloadable PDF via this link –
KING KIRBY 100 Crossword Challenge – Good luck!

A huge thank you to all the artists who took the time to contribute to this year’s very special
celebrations. Happy Birthday Jack!, your inspiration lives on. Long live The King!






Hero Initiative


Tom Kelly shares his contribution to Hero Initiative‘s recent “Wake Up and Draw” event. On August 28th, 40 plus artists marked the occasion of Jack Kirby’s 96th birthday with morning warm up sketches. These one-off pieces are to be auctioned later in the year and have been collected in a special gallery at ComicArtFans.
Tom’s Thor vs. Darkseid piece was created on “6×10 Bristol Board using tech pens, black marker, brush and ink, plus a tooth-brush for the spatter effect”.



Chicago based artist and designer Tom Kelly treats us to these powerful portraits of Modok and Thor. You can find more of Tom’s artwork at his DeviantArt page and portfolio blog.


Bad Guys

A couple of Kirby bad guys courtesy of Chicago based illustrator and designer Tom Kelly. You can find more of Tom’s work at DeviantArt and daportfolio and his latest web/app comic Sword of the Savage Samurai is available through Graphicly.