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Black and White

Today we bring you a magnificent black & white gallery from East Texas based artist
Jun Bob Kim. Jun Bob is a freelance illustrator who’s first published comic work was an adaption of John Bunyan’s The Holy War for his university newspaper. More recently he has been providing the art for Cipher: The Sorceror Pope for Atomic Tiki Studio. for more of Jun Bob’s work be sure to visit his website – here.

New Gods

New Gods courtesy of Argentinian artist Gerardo Baró. Garardo is a prolific artist of children’s books and magazines and is currently hard at work on a infantile novel graphical with the renowned writer Luciano Saracino. He is also the creator of the web comic The work and death of Adam O. Verde and still finds time in his schedule to contribute to the collaborative art blog Vivo con mi Madre (best described as a Argentinian Comic-Twart). For more of Gerardo’s work check out his blog and DeviantArt page.