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Gallery of Heroes

Many thanks to Kirby-Vision regular Jay Piscopo for this latest collection of Kirby inspired artwork.


Threely Dan

Playing catch-up with Dan McDaid.

Marvel meets DC as Orion grapples with the Absorbing Man as a mysterious stranger looks on (clue: it’s Loki).

A plethora of Kirby characters in this recent commission piece.

Celebrating Keith Giffen’s reboot of OMAC, with colours by Kyle Latino.

Kirby Animated

VSBlog_S4 (74)VSBlog_S4 (62)

Kirby animated character designs by Spanish writer/artist Victor Santos. Victor is the creator of the Spanish language graphic novels Pulp Heroes, Black Kaiser, Lone in Heaven and The Elven Kings. His recent move into the US market has seen his art grace the pages of Vertigo Crime’s Filthy Rich and Image’s Mice Templar: Destiny. You can find a wealth of Victor’s fabulous artwork at his website and blog.

VSBlog_S4 (48)VSBlog_S4 (40)

Kirby-Vision would like to thank Mark Kardwell for the link to Victor’s work.