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Threely Dan

Playing catch-up with Dan McDaid.

Marvel meets DC as Orion grapples with the Absorbing Man as a mysterious stranger looks on (clue: it’s Loki).

A plethora of Kirby characters in this recent commission piece.

Celebrating Keith Giffen’s reboot of OMAC, with colours by Kyle Latino.

Hail to The King! …a slight return

Just time for another heads-up about the forthcoming Kirby tribute show, Hail to The King!, which opens this week at the Resistance Gallery in London. Co-curator Jason Atomic has been drumming up publicity at his blog for what promises to be a Kirby-tastic night. Here’s just a small selection of some of the artists contributing:

Jason Atomic

Vlad Quigley

Feroze Alam

Carl Stimpson

Devil Dinosaur Attack!

Devil Dinosaur splash page recreated in marker, acrylic, spray paint, enamel & varnish by UK artist Jason Atomic. With a background in comix, Jason now documents the freak icons of the underground art, music and club subcultures of London and Tokyo. You can find more of Jason energetic paintings at his website and Flickr page.

Original artwork, from Devil Dinosaur #1, by Jack Kirby and Mike Royer via Entrecomics.

Devil Dinosaur


Photoshop homage to that most Marvellous of monsters, Devil Dinosaur. Courtesy of Nebraska based graphic designer, Jerod Blayney.

Devil Dinosaur

This tender portrait of a boy and his dog comes courtesy of Nick Derington. Nick’s credits as an Artist/Writer include Popgun, Project: Telstar, X-Statix, and Madman. He was also Lead Animator on Richard Linklater’s ‘A Scanner Darkly’. For more of Nick’s work be sure to visit his website and flickr pages.