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Flame On!

 Jeff Davidson is an amateur artist based in North Carolina, here’s what he has to say about his musical tribute to the King of Comics:

“I used to play the song with my band The Earthtones way back in 2004. I recorded the song on my computer, and since my band had broken up, I had to use a loop track for the drum parts, but I recorded everything else, vocals, bass and guitar. I eventually got the idea to make a “video” for it by drawing a series of pictures on 4×6 index cards. While illustrating the video, I dived deep into Kirby era FF and in the process became a HUGE Kirby fan. Studying Kirby’s style has helped me to embrace my own style, and helped me to be true to myself as an artist. I don’t believe there should be a difference between fine art and illustration, especially when the artist is expressing deep personal thoughts and feelings, like Jack Kirby certainly did. I am one of those crazy guys that think Kirby’s artwork should hang in museums right along side other great abstract and modern artists that are generally accepted to be “fine art”.”

Johnny Storm,The Human Torch edit