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Bring on the Bad Guys


Marc Basile – ‘NUFF SAID!

The X-Men


Renato Stevanato brings us his rendition of “The Strangest Superheroes of all” (currently starring at a multiplex near you).

Kirby Style

A stylistic take on Jack’s X-men characters courtesy of San Francisco based illustrator Kevin Wada. Kevin’s work “tends to range from mainly editorial to character/fashion…” and you can see more of his gorgeous artwork at his website, blog and DeviantArt page.


A unique take on Magneto from the brush of Jeremy Sorese. Jeremy is a commercial illustrator/typographer and creator of the webcomic In the Parlor Room. You can find more of his work at his blog and flickr account.

Barda, Jean & Max

A big Kirby-Vision welcome to San Francisco based artist, Arvin Bautista. Arvin has a background in video game design but has recently moved into comic book illustration with the creator owned, The Bomb Squad.
You can find more of Arvin artwork at his blog – here.