Kirby Recreations


A host of Kirby recreations courtesy of French web designer Michel Ravey.





To discover the illustration process behind Michel’s recreations, click on each of the Kirby
originals below.

JRY085 922398 AV004

FF087 capkirbypenrv-1

2 thoughts on “Kirby Recreations

  1. Henry R. Kujawa

    That HULK #5 thing is very odd. The small image is a scan of the original (in fact, I can tell it’s MY restoration of the original). But when you click on the link, to see the full-size images, what you see instead is the MASTERWORKS re-coloring jiob, so the guy who did the painted tribute actually based his work on the redo, not the originsl.

    1. Jason Garrattley Post author

      The Hulk #5 cover image was sourced separately by myself for inclusion in the post. I did not intend to suggest that Michel had used that file to create his version. To avoid future confusion I have now replaced the cover image with a scan sourced via The Grand Comics Database.


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