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Valentine Special

Riffing on Kirby’s early Romance comics here’s an imaginary Cover for ‘The Fantastic Four Valentine Special‘ created by curator Jason Garrattley.

Tribute 2


Our second tribute this week to feature Jack himself, comes courtesy of James Burns.

Comic Twart – The Thing


Ben Grimm, the ever lovin’ blue eyed Thing, is this week’s choice at the collective sketch blog, Comic Twart. Aunt Petunia’s favorite Nephew was chosen by Evan ‘Doc’ Shaner, whose fantastic contribution above features no less than five Kirby creations.


This dynamic rescue scene, which also features Reed Richards, comes from the brush of Francesco Francavilla. Francesco’s pulp inspired artwork has graced the pages of Zorro, The Black Coat, Sorrow and the forthcoming Garrison. He is the creator of Black Beetle, whose adventures can be found every Sunday at Franceso’s blog, Pulp Sunday. If you would like to see more of Francesco’s lovely work, be sure to visit his sketch blog and website also.

At the time of writing, Comic Twart‘s Thing week boasts new artwork from Kirby-Vision contributors Dan McDaid, Chris Samnee and Ron Salas, along with Twart regulars Mitch GeradsUrban Barbarian, Tom Fowler and Mitch Breitweiser. Don’t miss it.

Mr Fantastic vs Doctor Doom

New York Writer/Artist J.A.Fludd contributes this portrait of Reed and Victor dukeing it out. J.A. was a contributor to Gay Comics in the early 90’s and currently sells his art online and by commission. A lifelong fan of Jack Kirby and The Fantastic Four, J.A. has written several articles about both at his Quantum Blog. More of J.A.’s artwork can be found at his art blog and Comicspace.