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Black and White

Today we bring you a magnificent black & white gallery from East Texas based artist
Jun Bob Kim. Jun Bob is a freelance illustrator who’s first published comic work was an adaption of John Bunyan’s The Holy War for his university newspaper. More recently he has been providing the art for Cipher: The Sorceror Pope for Atomic Tiki Studio. for more of Jun Bob’s work be sure to visit his website – here.

Hulk and Kalibak

Two great pieces for you today courtesy of Tampa Bay based artist Elliot Fernandez. Elliot writes – “When I was six years old, I inherited a collection of comics from some relatives that included much of Jack Kirby’s early works. However, I didn’t really understand Kirby’s contribution to the art world until about ten years or so ago. As I continued to grow in my appreciation of the craft involved in comic creation, it became plain to me that Kirby was not only the master, but was years ahead of his time. His work as an artist and storyteller has had a fundamental impact on my own work as well as my life and my world view.”

Asgard Meets the Fourth World

Many thanks to Travis Ellisor for sharing just some of the Kirby related commissions he has collected under the banner of “Asgard Meets the Forth World.”

Brian Churilla

Chuck BB

Brendon & Brian Fraim

You can see more from Travis’ collection over at Comicartfans, which includes work from past Kirby-Vision contributors Ron Salas, Joel Carroll and James Harren.

Darkseid’s Elite

The denizens of Apokolips in watercolour and ink courtesy of Turkish artist Yildiray Cinar. After an early career in animation Yildiray produced dozens of comic fanzines as part of the Capa Comics group. His US comic credits include Nothingface, Noble Causes, Teen Titans and currently Legion of Super Heroes. You can find more of Yildiray’s artwork at his blog and DeviantArt page.

With thanks to Mark Kardwell.