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Victory Imagined


Shane Foley submits to the blog and writes: “At one stage some years back, I bought Steve Engelhart’s unused Topps Capt Victory scripts. I liked the way they seemed to capture the Kirby spirit without just recycling his themes. So I drew up some pages. Here is page 1, coloured by Randy Sargent (And I always thought Cap should have a battle helmet so I gave him the one I’d designed years earlier when a group of us on the old Kirby Chat List began a Capt Victory jam)”.


FF-MidnightMenCoverJack Kirby Collector 47

“What-if Jack stayed at Marvel and decided to introduce his ‘Midnight Men’ there?” poses Australian artist, Shane Foley, in this piece based on a Kirby pin-up. Shane’s work has been published in numerous Australian comics, including ‘Australian War Stories’, ‘The Dark Nebula’ and ‘Krash’. He is also is a frequent contributor to The Jack Kirby Collector magazine. Shane is currently without a website but you can see some of his work at the site of friend and frequent colourist Randy Sargent.