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Suited and Booted

Southampton based designer/illustrator Paul Carter works up a second Kirby portrait to follow his Birthday tribute. Life-long Kirby fan Paul writes, “I think the mid 60’s Fantastic Four era was when I first discovered Jack’s work. In the UK where US comic distribution was sporadic to say the least, I had to spend my weekends trawling markets and rummaging through second-hand shops in hope of finding the odd back-issue. I guess I’ve still got a bit of a nostalgic soft-spot for that time.”

Happy Birthday Jack!

Today marks the 95th anniversary of Jack Kirby’s birth and to celebrate KIRBY-VISION proudly presents our annual portrait gallery in honour of ‘The King of Comics’.

Paul Carter

J.A. Fludd

Jorge Freire

Brendan Tobin

Jason Garrattley


Rob Steibel
Rob’s source material for his portrait comes from an unpublished Machine Man page (click to enlarge). Rob writes, “The character in the 3rd panel is Dr. Peter Spalding. I thought he looked a little like Jack with his pipe so I added inks.”

Lanc Godwin 
(You can see the original Kirby/John Verpoorten cover to The Eternals #9 here

Marc Basile

Mike Pascale

A huge thank you to all the artists who took the time to contribute to today’s Birthday celebration. And of course a huge thank you to Jack Kirby for his continuing inspiration. Long live The King!