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Brisbane based artist Paul Mason is the writer/artist of The Solider Legacy, the saga of a World War II Superhero which doff’s the hat to Kirby’s comics of the 1940’s and 1960’s. Here he presents two recent pieces, Marvel 1962 from the 43rd Comic-Con Souvenir book and DC New 52 Superman vs. OMAC. You can find more of Paul’s work at his blog and DeviantArt gallery.

Thing Collage Returns

Way back in January Kirby-Vision featured Loston Wallace‘s black and white commision piece, Thing Collage. Loston has now very kindly forwarded two very different colour treatments of the piece which we present for your viewing pleasue. Below you will find Matt Webb‘s rendition which utilises the sort of colour palette widely used on 1960s comic covers. This is followed by Steve Downer who brings his impressive digital skills to the artwork. Great jobs by both artists we’re sure you’ll agree.

Matt Webb

Steve Downer

Hulk vs Thing

Hulk vs Thing sketch cover by film/TV artist, director and writer Mat Nastos.
Mat’s comic work has been published by Marvel, DC, Warp Graphics and his self-publishing company, Nifty Comics. You can find more of his work at his website and DeviantArt page.

Thing Collage

The Thing and a host of Kirby creations adorn this fantastic commission piece (for fellow Kirby-Vision contributor Steve Funnell) courtesy of Loston Wallace.

Third Dimension

Kirby inspired 3D artwork courtesy of Greg Bourlotos. Ex-marine corps Greg designs and installs computer networks for a living and you can find more of his work at his DeviantArt page – here.

Green, Orange, Yellow

Kirby-Vision regular Jay Piscopo treats us to gallery of rogues and heroes.

Comic Strip Kirby

Tim Miner channels Kirby through a secession of classic comic strip characters including Hagar, Beetle Bailey, the Family Circus, Nancy and the Katzenjammer Kids. You can find more of Tim’s work (and that of his Daughter Gracie) at the fantastic 5 Minute Marvels blog.

Hulk and Kalibak

Two great pieces for you today courtesy of Tampa Bay based artist Elliot Fernandez. Elliot writes – “When I was six years old, I inherited a collection of comics from some relatives that included much of Jack Kirby’s early works. However, I didn’t really understand Kirby’s contribution to the art world until about ten years or so ago. As I continued to grow in my appreciation of the craft involved in comic creation, it became plain to me that Kirby was not only the master, but was years ahead of his time. His work as an artist and storyteller has had a fundamental impact on my own work as well as my life and my world view.”

Hulk Will Smash

Today’s Kirby-goodness comes courtesy of North Carolina based artist, Loston Wallace. First up there’s the Green Goliath himself, which features a mighty colouring job by Steve Downer, followed by a host of sketch-book workouts featuring some favorite grotesques from Tales to Astonish/of Suspense.

Loston is an alumni of the Joe Kubert School of Art and has provided artwork for the role playing industry as well as the DC Comics Licensing Department producing children’s books based on DC’s animated properties. His comic credits include: Klyde & Meriem, Flash Gordon and Lorna, Relic Wrangler. You can find more of Loston’s work at his website and DeviantArt page.