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Inking Kirby


Doug Hazlewood inks two new pieces from Kirby originals.

Doug writes: “The FIGHTING AMERICAN piece I inked over bluelined vintage pencils I found online. I worked with them in Photoshop to make them not so ‘squatty’. In making the image more proportional to 11 x 17 it made him not look so blocky and a bit more slender. I liked it better. Maybe the original was not quite as squatty and it happened with someone saving the copy of the image that way. I know someone inked it for publication somewhere before, as there is a color version online. This is my crack at the pencils. I remember how exciting it was to see the ads for the Harvey reprint back in the 60’s and I finally got one I think through the mail. I had been unaware of the character.”


X-MEN #9 title splash recreation. “I definitely tried to be very faithful to the original one. Can’t improve on that Kirby/Stone goodness!! Inked over printed bluelines.”



Scan of original splash page by Kirby and Chic Stone via What If Kirby

Fighting American

Fighting American, a Joe Simon tribute sketch courtesy of Mike Moran. You can find more of Mike’s artwork at his blog and DeviantArt page.

Fighting American


Fighting American by Terry Beatty. Terry is the Artist and co-creator of Ms. Tree, regular cover artist for Scary Monsters magazine and has long association as an Inker on DC’s Batman animated titles. He is also the proud father of Kirby Eriks Beatty.