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The X-Men


Renato Stevanato brings us his rendition of “The Strangest Superheroes of all” (currently starring at a multiplex near you).

Inking Kirby


Doug Hazlewood inks two new pieces from Kirby originals.

Doug writes: “The FIGHTING AMERICAN piece I inked over bluelined vintage pencils I found online. I worked with them in Photoshop to make them not so ‘squatty’. In making the image more proportional to 11 x 17 it made him not look so blocky and a bit more slender. I liked it better. Maybe the original was not quite as squatty and it happened with someone saving the copy of the image that way. I know someone inked it for publication somewhere before, as there is a color version online. This is my crack at the pencils. I remember how exciting it was to see the ads for the Harvey reprint back in the 60’s and I finally got one I think through the mail. I had been unaware of the character.”


X-MEN #9 title splash recreation. “I definitely tried to be very faithful to the original one. Can’t improve on that Kirby/Stone goodness!! Inked over printed bluelines.”



Scan of original splash page by Kirby and Chic Stone via What If Kirby

Forever Fans

jack victory

Ladies and Gentlemen, please be upstanding for the amazing artwork of Italian artist Renato Stevanato, whose Forever Fans blog is a one-man love-letter to the King of Comics. Here we present just a taster of the wealth of tribute art that can be found at the blog. KIRBY-VISION heartily recommends all of our readers to take the time to visit this unique project.

jack silver star


Cap Red skull



jack kamandi

jack  e KARNILLA

And finally Renato has gifted this last piece to this very blog. Renato, we are truly honored.

kirby vision

X-Men Pin-Ups

Kirby-Vision regular Marc Basile pays tribute to Lee/Kirby era X-Men with these marvellous (there really is no other word for them) Pin-Up Pages.

Barda, Jean & Max

A big Kirby-Vision welcome to San Francisco based artist, Arvin Bautista. Arvin has a background in video game design but has recently moved into comic book illustration with the creator owned, The Bomb Squad.
You can find more of Arvin artwork at his blog – here.

Third Dimension

Kirby inspired 3D artwork courtesy of Greg Bourlotos. Ex-marine corps Greg designs and installs computer networks for a living and you can find more of his work at his DeviantArt page – here.

Team Work

A second post this week from Marc Basile as he tackles, with his usual flair, a couple of pieces from some of Jack’s more crowded 1960’s books.

Original artwork by Jack Kirby, please click to expand. Avengers artwork via comicartsfans.

The King & The D-Men

New Jersey based artist Blair Campbell created this portrait of Jack Kirby “kicking the snot out of Darkseid” to celebrate Jack’s recent 93rd birthday. A self confessed “novice illustrator” Blair decided earlier this year that it was time to get serious about his art and “hone his skills” with a daily drawing blog, Draw, Blair! Draw! Each day at the blog has a different theme and Blair frequently takes requests such as this homage to Kirby’s cover to The X-Men #1 featuring the students of Hogwarts.