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The King and The Worst

David Galán Galindo presents the complete, English subtitled version of The King & The Worst.

The King & The Worst: Part One.

The King & The Worst: Part Two.

The Mask of Doom 451

The Mask of Doom 451, a new short film written by and starring David Galán Galindo.


The King & The Worst

Spanish director, David Galán Galindo has released the first three minutes of his short film, The King & The Worst, the trailer of which was featured at here last month.

This clip serves as an introduction to the meeting of our two heroes, Jack Kirby (Luis Yague) and Ed Wood (José Antonio Benedicto), before the film switches to colour and a mysterious stranger enlists the bewildered soldiers to do battle against supernatural forces, bent on world domination. Luis Yague portrays Kirby as a courageous and dedicated solider and is particularly touching in a scene where he longs to be reunited with his wife, Rosalind. Benedicto provides the comic relief as Wood, who quickly swaps his battle fatigues for his trademark pink angora sweater and blond wig. Production values are impressive for such a low budget film, especially the costume design, and the film zips along with some spirited direction. The horror/fantasy theme means that there is some gore and bad language, which strikes as odd for a tribute to a man whose creations inspired children the world over. A minor quibble because ultimately, The King & The Worst, is notable for it’s admiration for it’s protagonists careers and an enthusiasm for the horror genre it owes it’s inspiration too.

Many thanks to David for providing Kirby-Vision with a copy of the full twenty minute film for review. As of yet there are no plans for a DVD or Internet release of the film. It has been shown as a number of European film festivals and David is currently in the process of securing some more screenings, for further details please see David’s blog here.


The King & The Worst


“During the Second World War, terrible things happened but what was never known was that the fate of the world depended on two soldiers: “The king of comics” Jack Kirby and “The worst film director ever” Ed Wood. Their mission was to embrace their unusual fate. Bats, dead Nazis, evil beings and a strange mentor will change their lives, but not in this world, it will all be on the other side of the mirror.”

The King & The Worst is a short Spanish film by David Galán Galindo, looks like a lot of fun. For more info take a look at David’s Blog (in Spanish).