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The Mighty Thor

The Mighty Thor (or is it Thor The Mighty?), two recent inking recreations courtesy
of Doug Hazlewood.

Doug writes, “Was fairly faithful to the opening page and made Thor slightly more bulked up in the torso on the cover. I always felt he looks a bit too ‘normal.’ Inked the Stone Men with more texture. It was taking a while for my eyes to recover after inking all those last little bits last night. I generally don’t take on many Sinnott inked pieces since how can you improve on what he did or come real close to replicating it?”




Two new Kirby recreations from the brush of Doug Hazlewood.

Doug Writes: “Here are two more recent Kirby recreations. The title splash to TALES TO ASTONISH #13 and the cover to the same issue. This was the first appearance of Groot! The splash was by Kirby and Ayers. I wasn’t sure about the cover (as the rendering on Groot is certainly more detailed/textured), but it has been attributed to Kirby and Ditko most recently. Most of the people are so small it is hard to see Ditko in them, but I guess that explains the difference between the cover look of Groot and on the splash. Both were inked over printed bluelines with most of the lettering ‘held’ in black and then the lettering is touched up with India ink. I had to work from a scan of the comic for the cover recreation and upgrade some of the lettering (like the logo) since I could not drain/bleach everything out in Photoshop perfectly”.


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Tales of Suspense


Two new Kirby recreations, masterfully inked from printed bluelines by Doug Hazlewood.


Tales of Suspense #58 Kirby/Chic Stone – Tales of Suspense #59 Kirby/Dick Ayers

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Covers via Grand Comics Database

Inking Kirby


Doug Hazlewood inks two new pieces from Kirby originals.

Doug writes: “The FIGHTING AMERICAN piece I inked over bluelined vintage pencils I found online. I worked with them in Photoshop to make them not so ‘squatty’. In making the image more proportional to 11 x 17 it made him not look so blocky and a bit more slender. I liked it better. Maybe the original was not quite as squatty and it happened with someone saving the copy of the image that way. I know someone inked it for publication somewhere before, as there is a color version online. This is my crack at the pencils. I remember how exciting it was to see the ads for the Harvey reprint back in the 60’s and I finally got one I think through the mail. I had been unaware of the character.”


X-MEN #9 title splash recreation. “I definitely tried to be very faithful to the original one. Can’t improve on that Kirby/Stone goodness!! Inked over printed bluelines.”



Scan of original splash page by Kirby and Chic Stone via What If Kirby

Thor Pin-Up


Our final post this week from Doug Hazlewood.
Doug writes, “Here is my recreation of the classic Marvel Pin-Up of  THE MIGHTY THOR. The original pin-up art is by Jack Kirby and Chic Stone. This was done on 11 x 17 Strathmore Bristol board over printed bluelines – HAND-INKED. I tried to remain pretty faithful intentionally and tightened up the face a little.”


Many thanks to Doug for all of the fabulous work we have featured this week. If you would like to see more then checkout Doug’s website and DeviantArt page.

The Avengers #3


Third post this week from the brush of Doug Hazlewood. This time Doug recreates the cover of The Avengers #3 by Kirby and Paul Reinman.


Captain America


This week at Kirby-Vision we will be featuring the inking artistry of Doug Hazlewood as he takes on the challenge of inking “The King”. First up, Captain America from Tales of Suspense #59. Doug writes, “I did not ink everything exactly the same and made the bricks less mechanical looking and fiddled with his face some (mainly his eyes). At first they were too George Tuska-looking and I touched them up some more. The original eyes just kind of ‘bug’ me a bit.  I love Kirby and Stone and I don’t think this Cap figure was the most ‘Chic’ looking, but it is a cool splash. I didn’t want it to be just a straight recreation. Everything is hand-inked that is black on here.”


Avengers #12


Doug Hazlewood inks Avengers #12 from original Kirby pencils.
Doug writes, “I just finished this AVENGERS #12 cover recreation. I inked it (everything–lettering, too…nothing is pasted on) over bluelines of the cover art. I did want to keep some things very faithful to the original, but not just trace every line. I adore Kirby and Stone and this was inked on 11 x 17 Strathmore Bristol board. I’ve always felt that the big piece of rock with Wasp under it must have been retouched at the offices after Chic inked it. Maybe they wanted her to show up more. I rendered it in a different fashion, as the printed cover just looks ‘fiddled with’ there.”