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Happy Birthday Jack!

Today marks the 97th anniversary of Jack Kirby’s birth and to celebrate KIRBY-VISION proudly presents our annual portrait gallery in honour of ‘The King of Comics’.


James Burns


Dave Jordan (Twitter)
For an extra birthday treat check out Dave’s fantastic tumblr, Kirby Hands!


Lanc Godwin


Jason Garrattley


Marc Basile


J.A. Fludd

kirby doom

the king is born colore

Renato Stevanato

A huge thank you to all the artists who took the time to contribute to today’s Birthday celebration. And of course a huge thank you to Jack Kirby for his continuing inspiration.
Long live The King!

Happy Holidays


Ho, ho, ho. There’s just two more sleeps until December 25th and to celebrate we present two illustrative gems to fill up your stocking. First up Marc Basile reminds us of the old adage, “A super-teleportation-canine is for life and not just for Christmas”. And below, Renato Stevanato envisions the emotional stress a game of musical chairs may have on one Bruce Banner.

Hulk Natale

Weird and Wonderful

Inhumans Crystal and Lockjaw plus arch-fiend Arnim Zola – Two fabulous new Kirby tributes courtesy of James Burns.



Kirby Sketchcards

Just a small selection of the Kirby character sketchcards that New York based artist Cory Smith has been posting over at his Twitpic gallery. Cory took up a daily sketch challenge in June of last year and has notched up an impressive 168 cards so far. The full gallery, as it stands, can be found here and you can find more of cory’s work at his blog and DeviantArt page.

A big Kirby-Vision thanks goes out to Travis Ellisor for the link to Cory’s Gallery.

Crystal and Lockjaw

Rittenhouse Artist Return card by Texan illustrator/graphic designer Cal Slayton. Cal is best known for the hit indie series Shades of Blue. His artwork has also been seen in Dead@17 Rough Cut, Super Hero Happy Hour, Digital Webbing Presents amongst others. He is currently working on the creator owned series, Spookytown. More of cal’s work can be found at his blog and DeviantArt page.

Dark Crystal

Two recent Kirby themed commissions from the brush of Ohio based designer and illustrator Andy Bennett. For more of Andy’s work be sure to visit his website and DeviantArt page.

Lockjaw and Things


Lockjaw, a recent commission piece, by Canadian artist Tom Fowler. Tom’s diverse career has encompassed advertising, game design and the movie industry. His comic credits include Mad Magazine, Green Arrow, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight and Mysterius: The Unfathomable. A regular at the collective sketch blog, Comic Twart, Tom has recently contributed two fantastic depictions of The Thing, which are presented below with kind permission. Be sure to check out Tom’s blog for more.