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Fantastic Four #1

Paul Sizer recreates Jack’s iconic Fantastic Four #1 cover for Green Brain Comics FF 50th tribute exhibition.

Captain America Remake/Remodel

This week over at the Whitechapel forum, Warren Ellis laid down the gauntlet to re-imagine Captain America from just a few scant lines of description. Below we present a couple of designs from Kirby-Vision contributors, Paul Sizer & Thomas Perkins. You can find more imaginative interpretations of Cap at the remake/remodel thread here.

Paul Sizer

Thomas Perkins

Glycon, Magnulus and Spalding

Paul Sizer is a regular contributor to forum art challenges at Warren Ellis’ Whitechapel. Here he reveals his Kirby influences with an imagining of Glycon, Alan Moore’s fictional snake god deity, and portraits of fellow Whitechapel regulars, Magnulus and Spalding.

REMAKE__Glycon_The_Snake_God_by_PaulSizer DRAW_ME__Magnulus_2_by_PaulSizer


Amazing Adult Fantasy #15


Graphic designer and comic book artist Paul Sizer re-designs Amazing Fantasy #15 for Warren EllisWhitechapel forum Remake/Remodel challenge. Michigan based Paul is the creator of the self-published graphic novels Little White Mouse, Moped Army and the multi-media music based B.P.M. You can find more of Paul’s artwork at his website and DeviantArt page.

And if you really need reminding what the original Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko cover looks like, you can find it here.