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Happy Birthday Jack!

Today marks the 93rd anniversary of Jack Kirby‘s birth and to celebrate KIRBY-VISION proudly presents our second portrait gallery in honour of ‘The King of Comics’.


Marc Basile

Kirby 2010 @ 150

J.A. Fludd

Uriel A. Durán


Jason Garrattley

walking Lockjaw3

Lanc Godwin

British illustrator Jonathan Edwards made his debut in the influential comic magazine Deadline. Since then has forged a successful career as a commercial illustration and a long standing relationship with The Guardian newspaper providing editorial art. He is also the curator of Draw Serge, an illustrative tribute blog dedicated to the French singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg. You can find more of Jonathan’s energetic work at his website and blog.


Luis Chichón

A big shout-out to all the artists who took the time to contribute to today’s gallery. And of course a huge thank you to Jack Kirby whose inspiration lives on. Long live The King!