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Threely Dan

Playing catch-up with Dan McDaid.

Marvel meets DC as Orion grapples with the Absorbing Man as a mysterious stranger looks on (clue: it’s Loki).

A plethora of Kirby characters in this recent commission piece.

Celebrating Keith Giffen’s reboot of OMAC, with colours by Kyle Latino.

Judgement Day!

The Judgment of Darkseid (2)

Darkseid The Destroyer, falls under the judicial gaze of the Celestial, Arishem the Judge. A recent commission piece courtesy of Dan McDaid.


Dan McDaid is perhaps best known for his work as an Artist/Writer in
Doctor Who Magazine. His story ‘Hotel Historia‘ was the first time
that a single creator had written, drawn and coloured a comic strip in
the magazine’s 30 year history.
Dan’s current project is illustrating Jersey Gods for Image Comics.
You can find more of Dan’s art at his website & blog.