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Holiday Gallery

Kirby-Vision would like to wish each and everyone of our readers the very best for the holiday season. To celebrate, and to take us into the new year, we’d like to present a mini-gallery of Kirby inspired creations for your enjoyment. Happy Holidays folks!


Marc Basile


Infinitely Spectrum by Jeremy Landis

jack kirby

Rusty Gilligan


Jim Stewart

Doctor doom in Color

Rick Baiker


Fantastic Females

Crystal FF

Steve Coates (after Kirby) presents his renditions of those marvelous Misses, Crystal and The Scarlet Witch.

Scarlett Witch

Calgary Expo Cosplay

Our second post this week courtesy of Steve Coates.

All the photos are from the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. The Galactus Costumer photograph is from the 2012, but he was by the Jack Kirby Museum booth again this year. All the other photos were taken from the 2013 booth and are of attendees walking by. Except for the Captain America Costumer, he was invited into the booth, so the display posters could be used as a background.


Kirby Style

A stylistic take on Jack’s X-men characters courtesy of San Francisco based illustrator Kevin Wada. Kevin’s work “tends to range from mainly editorial to character/fashion…” and you can see more of his gorgeous artwork at his website, blog and DeviantArt page.

Avengers Ante Up

Poker night at The Avengers Mansion courtesy of Bob Strang.

Classic Thor/Avengers

Thor + The Hulk + The Avengers x Victor Santos = ‘Nuff said.

VSBlog_S4 Thor sample (3)

VSBlog_S4 Classic Avengers (3)