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Forever Fans

jack victory

Ladies and Gentlemen, please be upstanding for the amazing artwork of Italian artist Renato Stevanato, whose Forever Fans blog is a one-man love-letter to the King of Comics. Here we present just a taster of the wealth of tribute art that can be found at the blog. KIRBY-VISION heartily recommends all of our readers to take the time to visit this unique project.

jack silver star


Cap Red skull



jack kamandi

jack  e KARNILLA

And finally Renato has gifted this last piece to this very blog. Renato, we are truly honored.

kirby vision

Victory Imagined


Shane Foley submits to the blog and writes: “At one stage some years back, I bought Steve Engelhart’s unused Topps Capt Victory scripts. I liked the way they seemed to capture the Kirby spirit without just recycling his themes. So I drew up some pages. Here is page 1, coloured by Randy Sargent (And I always thought Cap should have a battle helmet so I gave him the one I’d designed years earlier when a group of us on the old Kirby Chat List began a Capt Victory jam)”.

Maybe One Day


Stefano Pavan illustrates the question, “What if Kamandi met Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers?”.