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darkseid1 copy

Jay Piscopo treats us to two new Kirby themed pieces. Above, Darksied, The Lord of Apokolips prowls the decks. While below, Jay’s redesign of Captain 3-D springs into action.

captain 3d color space

Blue Bolt & Midnight


Kirby-Vision thanks go out to Jay Piscopo for his rendition of Joe Simon’s creation, Blue Bolt. Jay also treats us to a Kirby filtered pin-up of his own character, Captain Midnight, whose latest book is available at his website, here.



World’s Finest

Jay Piscopo returns with inks and colours over original Kirby pencils.

The Shield

Lancelot Strong – The Shield springs into action courtesy of Jay Piscopo.

Gallery of Heroes

Many thanks to Kirby-Vision regular Jay Piscopo for this latest collection of Kirby inspired artwork.


Green, Orange, Yellow

Kirby-Vision regular Jay Piscopo treats us to gallery of rogues and heroes.