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Tribute Galley

Hulk Portrait

Rounding-up a week of Steve Coates tribute art with this gallery featuring The Hulk, two Demons and a couple of special guests.

Demon B&W


Demon Colour


What If Jack Kirby Covers

Hulk Triptych

Hulk Green

Our third gallery this week from Steve Coates aptly features a trio of techniques featuring the not so “Jolly Green” himself.

Hulk B&W


Hulk Grey

Fantastic Females

Crystal FF

Steve Coates (after Kirby) presents his renditions of those marvelous Misses, Crystal and The Scarlet Witch.

Scarlett Witch

Captain America

Cap Evades

“It is very difficult to draw like Jack, but his design and dynamic presentation is amazing.”
Two Captain America pieces for the price of one, courtesy of Steve Coates.

Cap Breaking Out

Drawing Inspiration

We round off a week of guest posts from Steve Coates with some of Steve’s own artwork, rendered in Copic Sketch Markers on marker board, “Everyone should recognize the iconic Jack Kirby images used for inspiration”.


Steve is an active member of the Jack Kirby Museum. He has provided logistics and physical support in bringing the awareness of Jack Kirby’s contribution to Pop Culture and Jack’s insurmountable influence on the comic industry. Although Museum Trustee Rand Hoppe has travelled to the major Alberta show (Calgary Expo), Steve has assumed the duties for exhibiting on behalf of the Jack Kirby Museum at the minor and intermediate shows within Alberta, Canada.



Steve Coates presents a fabulous piece from the man they call “The Dude.”

I’ve always been an admirer and follower of Steve Rude’s work. Fairly recently Steve did a fundraiser and a marker sketch commission was included in the pledge level I chose. The only instructions I gave to Steve was to use a Jack Kirby character and I might have commented on how much I like Steve’s rendering of the female form.


Calgary Expo Cosplay

Our second post this week courtesy of Steve Coates.

All the photos are from the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. The Galactus Costumer photograph is from the 2012, but he was by the Jack Kirby Museum booth again this year. All the other photos were taken from the 2013 booth and are of attendees walking by. Except for the Captain America Costumer, he was invited into the booth, so the display posters could be used as a background.


Calgary Expo Tribute Art

This week at KIRBY-VISION we will be featuring a number of posts from Kirby Museum member, Steve Coates.
First up, a selection of gifted artwork from the recent Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.


Steve writes: While Michael Cho was attending the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, he presented a gift, an original Captain America portrait to the Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center, to be used for fundraising. It is such a great piece, it has to be shared. The portrait is rendered with pen and marker on a 8.5 in x 11 in marker board. The piece did not sell over the Expo weekend and remains in the Museum’s possession. A big thank you goes out to Michael for his gift and for taking part of the Jack Kirby Influence panel during the Expo.


James Clement of Edmonton did the rendering of Captain America and the Hulk using pen and ink. James donated the 8.5 in x 11 in original to the Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center, for fundraising efforts. The piece remains in the Museum’s possession and will be showcased at upcoming Alberta based shows. The museum is benefitting from the continued and increasing support from artists, like James. Keep up the good work James and hope to see you at the Edmonton Expo.

The hand of…


Kirby portrait rendered in chalk pastel by Steve Coates. Steve writes: “Based on a photograph by Dr. Mark Miller, which was published in TwoMorrows Inc.’s Jack Kirby Collector number twenty-one and is used with permission. The study was used to produce a finished piece which will be featured at the Jack Kirby Museum booth during the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo to be held on the last weekend of April. Rand Hoppe, museum trustee, will be in Calgary for the event.




These portrait engravings were created by Steve Coates for a proposed gift certificate, to be tested by Calgary’s Redd Skull Comics, which will benefit The Kirby Museum along with the purchaser and dealer. Steve is “…self employed, providing technical graphics solutions to engineering and exploitation firms…”. He has assisted The Kirby Museum exhibit at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and has manned the booths solo at a couple of provincial comic/toy shows on their behalf.