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Asgard Meets the Fourth World 3

Travis Ellisor treats us to some of the latest commissioned artwork from his ComicArtsFans galleryAsgard Meets the Fourth World.


Kanto vs. Fandral by Drew Rausch


Mister Miracle & Big Barda vs. The Enchantress & The Executioner by Nate Snareser


Asgard Meets the Fourth World

Many thanks to Travis Ellisor for sharing just some of the Kirby related commissions he has collected under the banner of “Asgard Meets the Forth World.”

Brian Churilla

Chuck BB

Brendon & Brian Fraim

You can see more from Travis’ collection over at Comicartfans, which includes work from past Kirby-Vision contributors Ron Salas, Joel Carroll and James Harren.

The Enchantress

The Enchantress courtesy of Brian Shearer, a recent commission piece in copic marker. Brain’s comic credits include the creator owned GravyBoy, Doctor Who and DC’s Online Universe. In 2008 Brain joined Tsunami Studios where he collaborates on original graphic novels including the on-line comic, Vex. You can find more of Brain’s work at his blog and DeviantArt page.

The Enchantress

The Enchantress, a commission for this weekend’s New York Comic Con in Copic marker by Turkish artist, Mahmud A. Asrar. Mahmud came to prominence in the pages of the anthology, Digital Webbing Presents, before going on to produce work for Image and Marvel comics. He is the co-creator of the Image title, Dynamo 5. You can find more from Mahmud at his blog and DeviantArt page.