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Happy Holidays


Ho, ho, ho. There’s just two more sleeps until December 25th and to celebrate we present two illustrative gems to fill up your stocking. First up Marc Basile reminds us of the old adage, “A super-teleportation-canine is for life and not just for Christmas”. And below, Renato Stevanato envisions the emotional stress a game of musical chairs may have on one Bruce Banner.

Hulk Natale

Johnny & Jean

The Human Torch and Marvel-Girl courtesy of J.A. Fludd. You can find more from J.A. at his blog and DeviantArt page.

…and now a message from our sponsors

In classic Marvel tradition Nick Roberts asks, What if… the Human Torch started endorsing Dockers in return for a pair of asbestos trousers? Nick is a marketeer by day and a cartoonist by night and you can find more of his artwork and the occasional essay on vintage illustration at his blog, here.

Fantastic Three


Australian Cartoonist Andrew Fulton gives us his unique take on The Fantastic Four (minus one).

The Fantastic Four No.9 Project

Independent Cartoonists Chester Brown, James Kochalka and Jeffrey
Brown are just some of the artists contributing to the recreation of a
classic Lee/Kirby FF issue at The Fantastic Four No.9 Project.
The artwork has been commissioned by Jason Young for his own
personal collection and it’s fascinating to see these unique artists take
on the Kirby style. Many thanks to Eric Shonborn, whose artwork for
page 16 is featured above, for the details to this wonderful project.