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Keep Calm

Flame on

Steve Finch, AKA Fonographics, breathes new life into the much imitated Keep Calm and Carry On poster which was issued by the British Ministry of Information during the Second World War. Steve’s inspired take on this design classic is currently available to purchase from Zazzle.

Hulk ant man Surfer

Steve’s modernist comic book covers were previously featured on Kirby-Vision back in April. Above, we present a collection of the other Kirby inspired titles from the series (click image to enlarge) and we fully recommend that you follow the link to Steve’s DeviantArt gallery for more of this project.



A modernist take on the Fantatic Four by British designer Steven Finch A.K.A. Fonografiks. Steven has provided design and typography for a number of comic-books including Popgun, Kill All Parents! and Aqua Leung. You can find more of Steven’s work at the Fonografiks blog and DeviantArt page.