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Asgard Meets the Fourth World

Many thanks to Travis Ellisor for sharing just some of the Kirby related commissions he has collected under the banner of “Asgard Meets the Forth World.”

Brian Churilla

Chuck BB

Brendon & Brian Fraim

You can see more from Travis’ collection over at Comicartfans, which includes work from past Kirby-Vision contributors Ron Salas, Joel Carroll and James Harren.


The Inhuman royal family and the dynasties of Apokolips and New Genesis as depicted by Brazilian artist Daniel HDR. Daniel’s has worked in various titles published by Avatar, Dark Horse, Image, Marvel and DC Comics. He has also worked in advertising and teaches classes on illustration and comic book creation. Be sure to take a look at Daniel’s blog for more.

The Pact


The exchange of Scott Free and Orion to guarantee peace between New Genesis and Apokolips, as depicted by Stefano Pavan.

New Gods Panel

As inspiration for ‘The Pact‘, Stefano turned to this depiction of New Genesis from New Gods #7, art by Jack Kirby and Mike Royer.