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Valentine Special

Riffing on Kirby’s early Romance comics here’s an imaginary Cover for ‘The Fantastic Four Valentine Special‘ created by curator Jason Garrattley.

Bizarre Adventures

Always a pleasure to showcase new work from Marc Basile. This time Marc presents a Marvel project that never was but maybe it should have been. Marc writes, “I concocted the cover from some Earl Norem artwork and the storyboard was from Kirby’s stint at Ruby Spears studio, colored to look like storyboard marker art.”

Birthday Cover

Karl's Birthday 150

J.A. Fludd works a variation of the classic Kirby-Sinnott cover for Fantastic Four #164, a birthday gift for his British born boyfriend, Karl.


February 6, 1994

February 6 1994 color2

Renato Stevanato pays tribute to the ‘King of Comics’ on the anniversary of his death 21 years ago today.

February 6 1994 color

Cornice supereroi

Happy Holidays

Comic Book

The festive season is almost upon us and to celebrate Kirby-Vision is proud to present some illustrative gifts from regular contributors Marc Basille (above) and Renato Stevanato. Happy Holidays folks!


prisoners of Christmas

Kirby Recreations


A host of Kirby recreations courtesy of French web designer Michel Ravey.





To discover the illustration process behind Michel’s recreations, click on each of the Kirby
originals below.

JRY085 922398 AV004

FF087 capkirbypenrv-1

Happy Birthday Jack!

Today marks the 97th anniversary of Jack Kirby’s birth and to celebrate KIRBY-VISION proudly presents our annual portrait gallery in honour of ‘The King of Comics’.


James Burns


Dave Jordan (Twitter)
For an extra birthday treat check out Dave’s fantastic tumblr, Kirby Hands!


Lanc Godwin


Jason Garrattley


Marc Basile


J.A. Fludd

kirby doom

the king is born colore

Renato Stevanato

A huge thank you to all the artists who took the time to contribute to today’s Birthday celebration. And of course a huge thank you to Jack Kirby for his continuing inspiration.
Long live The King!

Flame On!

 Jeff Davidson is an amateur artist based in North Carolina, here’s what he has to say about his musical tribute to the King of Comics:

“I used to play the song with my band The Earthtones way back in 2004. I recorded the song on my computer, and since my band had broken up, I had to use a loop track for the drum parts, but I recorded everything else, vocals, bass and guitar. I eventually got the idea to make a “video” for it by drawing a series of pictures on 4×6 index cards. While illustrating the video, I dived deep into Kirby era FF and in the process became a HUGE Kirby fan. Studying Kirby’s style has helped me to embrace my own style, and helped me to be true to myself as an artist. I don’t believe there should be a difference between fine art and illustration, especially when the artist is expressing deep personal thoughts and feelings, like Jack Kirby certainly did. I am one of those crazy guys that think Kirby’s artwork should hang in museums right along side other great abstract and modern artists that are generally accepted to be “fine art”.”

Johnny Storm,The Human Torch edit





Happy Birthday Jack!

Today marks the 96th anniversary of Jack Kirby’s birth and to celebrate KIRBY-VISION proudly presents our annual portrait gallery in honour of ‘The King of Comics’.


Ashley Holt

jack kirby 96 birthday colors

Mike Sullivan

Kirby def by Jorge Freire 2

Jorge Freire

Jack and thecrackle machine

Lanc Godwin


Kenn Thomas

Jack Kirby-The Man Who Would Be KING!!!

Steven John Vasquez


Peder Riis


Craig Peters
Craig writes, “I’m more a writer than an artist, so I took one of my favorite pieces of Jack’s work and … well, rewrote it.” – Click Image to enlarge.


Jason Garrattley


Derek Langille
For an extra visual treat check out Derek’s Flickr collection of 165 Kirby Double-page spreads.

Kirby 2013 Final Lettered 150

J.A. Fludd


James Burns


Marc Basile


Brendan Tobin

Also joining in the Birthday celebrations with non-portrait pieces:

001 (2)

Jeff McKenzie


Volker Stieber


Les White

And finally, Italian Renato Stevanato gifted not one but five portraits which will form part of his own celebratory post at his blog, cartoonstherapy.

jack miracle

jack il surfista

jack e monster

jack e demon

jack space

A huge thank you to all the artists who took the time to contribute to today’s Birthday celebration, making it our biggest portrait gallery ever. And of course a huge thank you goes out to Jack Kirby for his continuing inspiration. Long live The King!




fantasticcomics-cover-03Many thanks to French artist, Oliver Hudson, for these Kirby cover re-creations. Above, you will find Oliver’s version of Fantastic Four #82 using his own (yet to be published) characters. Below, Oliver provides colours to a Erik Larsen inked Captain America #193 cover. Sterling work I’m sure you’ll agree. You can find more of Oliver’s artwork at his Facebook page, here.

captain larsen-03