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Kirby versus

A huge Kirby-Vision thanks to Travis Ellisor for sharing two recent commisions from his ever-growing Comicartfans gallery.

Silver Surfer vs. Silver Star by Andy Khun.

Kirby OMAC vs. Giffen OMAC by Derec Donovan.


Thing Collage

The Thing and a host of Kirby creations adorn this fantastic commission piece (for fellow Kirby-Vision contributor Steve Funnell) courtesy of Loston Wallace.

Third Dimension

Kirby inspired 3D artwork courtesy of Greg Bourlotos. Ex-marine corps Greg designs and installs computer networks for a living and you can find more of his work at his DeviantArt page – here.

Galaxy 3

Thor, Silver Surfer and Galactus – commission piece by California based artist Ramon Villalobos. Full-time student Ramon is the writer and colourist of the web-comic, The Vitruvian Underground and you can find more of his artwork at his blog and DeviantArt page.

Across the Universes

Thanks again to Enrico Salvini for this latest Giorgio Comolo gallery, which mixes Kirby creations from both Marvel and DC Universes.

Cosmic Gallery

Squeegee that third eye for a gallery of cosmic proportions by Giorgio Comolo, courtesy of Enrico Salvini.

Devourer and Herald

Galactus and the Silver Surfer courtesy of Loston Wallace.

“Here’s a commission I did a while back. This was fun to do because the client asked me to do something interesting. He wanted me to draw them in a style that was a combination of Jack Kirby meets John Buscema! I did my best to merge the two marvel “house” styles of the Silver Age, and I’ve gotten a lot of positive reaction from this piece. The inking is all brush work, done with a #3 Kolinsky Red Sable Raphael brush. It sure was a joy to do, so I hope you’ll enjoy it!”

Galactus Gallery 2

Time to feast your eyes on a second Galactus Gallery by Giorgio Comolo, courtesy of Enrico Salvini.

Galactus Gallery

A huge thank you to Enrico Salvini for sharing this collection of Galactus artwork by Italian artist, Giorgio Comolo. Giorgio works as a professional advertising illustrator who developed an early love for superheroes and the men who drew them, Jack Kirby in particular. You can find more from Giorgio’s work at Red Sector Art.

These ain’t no toys

A big Kirby-Vision welcome to Mike Napolitan, web designer and self confused comic book geek and Lego fan, both of which he merges to create The Legion of Mini Figs. The superhero Lego figures are created in the 3D animation program Maya with textures in Photoshop and Illustrator. You can find a host of Mikes creations (including many a Kirby creation) at his website, here.