Cosmic Gallery

Squeegee that third eye for a gallery of cosmic proportions by Giorgio Comolo, courtesy of Enrico Salvini.

3 thoughts on “Cosmic Gallery

  1. John S.

    Rob: That’s exactly why the idiots at Marvel probably WOULDN’T hire him. And really, would you want to see an artist this talented waste his efforts on the kind of abysmal dreck Marvel publishes? I wouldn’t. Sadly, companies like Marvel and DC are now a complete waste of time for ANYONE with geniune creativity. He should create his own characters, write his own stories, and do something WORTHY of his obviously considerable abilities. THAT’S the “Kirby Way”!

  2. Warren Wong

    Would love to see a Jack Kirby Artist Edition of the Celestials. IDW has done a fantastic job of making the KING’s work more readily available to the starving masses.

    Need to have that Artist Edition, IDW take my $ now!!!


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