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Four Forty-Nine

The ever popular Fantastic Four #49 re-created for a private commision by Boston based illustrator Paul Thomas Gould.

Original cover, below, by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott.

Antman & the Surfer

We beckon in the new year with a couple of pieces from Argentinian artist Agustín Riccardi. Since leaving college in 2005, Agustín has worked as an assitant for the children’s illustrator Gustavo Mazali and the Riderchall Publishing house. He continues to build a career specialising in magazine and children’s book illustration . You can see more of Agustín’s work at his blog and the collaborative art blog, Vivo con mi Madre.

Keep Calm

Flame on

Steve Finch, AKA Fonographics, breathes new life into the much imitated Keep Calm and Carry On poster which was issued by the British Ministry of Information during the Second World War. Steve’s inspired take on this design classic is currently available to purchase from Zazzle.

Hulk ant man Surfer

Steve’s modernist comic book covers were previously featured on Kirby-Vision back in April. Above, we present a collection of the other Kirby inspired titles from the series (click image to enlarge) and we fully recommend that you follow the link to Steve’s DeviantArt gallery for more of this project.

Heroes and Villains


Anthony Castrillo‘s final version of a private commission which was featured here at Kirby-Vision back in February. Hats off to Anthony’s friend Zee who provided the colours.

Heroes and Villains


A legion of Kirby creations feature in this private commission by Brooklyn based artist Anthony Castrillo. Anthony originally trained as a graphic designer before moving into comics in the early ’90’s. He has worked for both Marvel and DC and describes himself as “a full-time Dad, moonlighting as a cartoonist”.

Silver Surfer #1


UK artist/print-maker Mick Statham re-imagines Silver Surfer #1, inked from an original Jack Kirby sketch and rendered in Mick’s own unique style. For more of mick’s work take a look at his website and blog. The original cover by John Buscema can be found here.

Silver Surfer and Doom

Surfer and Doom 72

The Silver Surfer & Doctor Doom – inked from original Kirby pencils by J.A. Fludd.

Goodbye Jack!

Galactus and herald by Barcelona based Artist Jorge Fornés. For more of Jorge’s expressive style be sure to visit his blog and flickr page.