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Comic Strip Kirby

Tim Miner channels Kirby through a secession of classic comic strip characters including Hagar, Beetle Bailey, the Family Circus, Nancy and the Katzenjammer Kids. You can find more of Tim’s work (and that of his Daughter Gracie) at the fantastic 5 Minute Marvels blog.

Character Wednesday

Many thanks to Steven Russell Black for contacting Kirby-Vision with the news that the collaborative art project Character Wednesday now has a new home. The blog (previously featured at Ferret Press) has been up and running for a couple of weeks now and the first two characters to find themselves rendered by the collective are Etrigan the Demon and Captain America. Presented below is just a small selection of some of the contributions so far. Be sure to check out the blog for many more.

Tim McClurg

Dmitry Sharkov

Andy Bennett

Brent Bowman

Steven Russell Black


Minneapolis based artist Sam Hiti repanels Kirby and Giacoia from Tales of Suspence #78. Sam’s comic work includes the self-published Tiempos Finales and the sketchbook volumes Ghoulash 1 & 2. His latest book, Death Day, is previwed at his website and you can find sketches and production work from numerous projects at Sam’s blog – here.

The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger by Canadian graphic designer and illustrator Michael McCabe. You can find a step by step breakdown of this illustration at Michael’s blog here, which includes this top tip for all budding cartoonists,  “…when I was drawing Captain America’s shield I didn’t have a circle template large enough so the bottom of a Tim Horton‘s coffee cup did just as good a job.”

Heroes & Villains

Two action packed pieces that wouldn’t look out of place on the covers of their respective books by Alex Williamson. Alex is a senior designer for a sign/vehicle wrap company and a part-time artist (currently working on sample pages) and co-creator of the webcomic Brass Falcon. You can find more of his work at his website – here.

These ain’t no toys

A big Kirby-Vision welcome to Mike Napolitan, web designer and self confused comic book geek and Lego fan, both of which he merges to create The Legion of Mini Figs. The superhero Lego figures are created in the 3D animation program Maya with textures in Photoshop and Illustrator. You can find a host of Mikes creations (including many a Kirby creation) at his website, here.

Cap vs. Red Skull

Can’t wait for the forthcoming Captain America movie? Well then, perhaps Thomas Boatwright can wet your appetite even more with this recent commission piece.