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Calgary Expo Tribute Art

This week at KIRBY-VISION we will be featuring a number of posts from Kirby Museum member, Steve Coates.
First up, a selection of gifted artwork from the recent Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.


Steve writes: While Michael Cho was attending the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, he presented a gift, an original Captain America portrait to the Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center, to be used for fundraising. It is such a great piece, it has to be shared. The portrait is rendered with pen and marker on a 8.5 in x 11 in marker board. The piece did not sell over the Expo weekend and remains in the Museum’s possession. A big thank you goes out to Michael for his gift and for taking part of the Jack Kirby Influence panel during the Expo.


James Clement of Edmonton did the rendering of Captain America and the Hulk using pen and ink. James donated the 8.5 in x 11 in original to the Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center, for fundraising efforts. The piece remains in the Museum’s possession and will be showcased at upcoming Alberta based shows. The museum is benefitting from the continued and increasing support from artists, like James. Keep up the good work James and hope to see you at the Edmonton Expo.

Tribute 2


Our second tribute this week to feature Jack himself, comes courtesy of James Burns.

Cartoon Jumbles

Welcome to the zany world of Cartoon Jumbles by pop artist/cartoonist Jem Eaton. Cartoon Jumbles feature irreverent pairing of cartton icons rendered in soft gouache tones and ink. Jem has created more than four dozen Jumble painting which can be viewed at their Facebook gallery. You can also find a wealth of comics, illustrations and paintings at Jem’s website – here.





Wednesday’s Heroes: Brian Level

Cincinnati based artist Brian Level is a professional tattooer by day and superhero illustrator by night. Brian is available for commission via Wednesday’s Heroes and you can find more of his artwork here.

Wednesday’s Heroes: Richard Cox

Over the next few days we will be featuring Kirby-inspired work from the collective of artists represented by Craig Rogers under the banner, Wednesday’s Heroes.

Richard Cox has participated in numerous sketch and trading card projects and is currently writing and drawing a web-comic adaption of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars. Richard is available for commision via Wednesday’s Heroes and you can find a selection of his work at DeviantArt.

Captain America

This lovely piece, rendered in graphite with digital colour, comes courtesy of New York based artist, Sam Wolfe Connelly. Sam has exhibited extensively and has forged a career in magazine and book cover illustration. You can find more of his work at his website
and blog.

Cover Versions

Two recreated Kirby covers courtesy of French web designer and “amateur penciller and painter” Michel Ravey.  Michel states: “It’s amazing how his covers, which had to be done probably in as little time as possible being productive as he was, were always just so right in terms of dynamics, motion, action. I always end up with something dull and static in comparison when I try to recreate one of his covers. But then like I said, I’m just doing that for fun in my spare time, so I guess it’s OK!”.

You can find more of Michel’s artwork, including several finished and un-finished cover re-creations, at his website – here.