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Drawing Inspiration

We round off a week of guest posts from Steve Coates with some of Steve’s own artwork, rendered in Copic Sketch Markers on marker board, “Everyone should recognize the iconic Jack Kirby images used for inspiration”.


Steve is an active member of the Jack Kirby Museum. He has provided logistics and physical support in bringing the awareness of Jack Kirby’s contribution to Pop Culture and Jack’s insurmountable influence on the comic industry. Although Museum Trustee Rand Hoppe has travelled to the major Alberta show (Calgary Expo), Steve has assumed the duties for exhibiting on behalf of the Jack Kirby Museum at the minor and intermediate shows within Alberta, Canada.


Calgary Expo Cosplay

Our second post this week courtesy of Steve Coates.

All the photos are from the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. The Galactus Costumer photograph is from the 2012, but he was by the Jack Kirby Museum booth again this year. All the other photos were taken from the 2013 booth and are of attendees walking by. Except for the Captain America Costumer, he was invited into the booth, so the display posters could be used as a background.




Chicago based artist and designer Tom Kelly treats us to these powerful portraits of Modok and Thor. You can find more of Tom’s artwork at his DeviantArt page and portfolio blog.


Tribute 2


Our second tribute this week to feature Jack himself, comes courtesy of James Burns.

Cartoon Jumbles

Welcome to the zany world of Cartoon Jumbles by pop artist/cartoonist Jem Eaton. Cartoon Jumbles feature irreverent pairing of cartton icons rendered in soft gouache tones and ink. Jem has created more than four dozen Jumble painting which can be viewed at their Facebook gallery. You can also find a wealth of comics, illustrations and paintings at Jem’s website – here.






“I’m always thinking of Kirby whenever I draw super-heroes.”
Inspired new artwork from Michael Cho.


Brisbane based artist Paul Mason is the writer/artist of The Solider Legacy, the saga of a World War II Superhero which doff’s the hat to Kirby’s comics of the 1940’s and 1960’s. Here he presents two recent pieces, Marvel 1962 from the 43rd Comic-Con Souvenir book and DC New 52 Superman vs. OMAC. You can find more of Paul’s work at his blog and DeviantArt gallery.

Thor Loves Hello Kitty

Thor and his secret love, courtesy of Italian artist Davide “OniBaka” De Rose Veltri. Since leaving art school Davide has been a tattooer and a toy sculptor. His latest project is the cartoon adventures of Little Caligari. Be sure to check out Davide’s blog and DeviantArt page for more.

Galaxy 3

Thor, Silver Surfer and Galactus – commission piece by California based artist Ramon Villalobos. Full-time student Ramon is the writer and colourist of the web-comic, The Vitruvian Underground and you can find more of his artwork at his blog and DeviantArt page.