Brisbane based artist Paul Mason is the writer/artist of The Solider Legacy, the saga of a World War II Superhero which doff’s the hat to Kirby’s comics of the 1940’s and 1960’s. Here he presents two recent pieces, Marvel 1962 from the 43rd Comic-Con Souvenir book and DC New 52 Superman vs. OMAC. You can find more of Paul’s work at his blog and DeviantArt gallery.

One thought on “1962/52

  1. michael aguilar

    Jack Kirby was the God of comics and in my opinion the creator of Marvel Comics. It was because of him that I became a Marvel fan of which I still am today. He also influenced me in my filmmaker,(Stop-motion Films). Here is a link to one of my films.This film was influenced by Marvel Comics and anime. I hope you enjoy this little film that ids dedicated to Jack Kirby.


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