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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Big Barda, Darkseid and The Demon courtesy of San Diego based Artist Joel Gomez.

Joel’s first professional comic art appeared in Top Cow’s Darkness series. Since then he has gone on to illustrate such titles as Witchblade, Wetworks and The Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs. You can find moe of Joel’s artwork at DeviantArt.

The Demon

A panel from The Demon #7 recreated by illustrator/inker/writer Gary Martin. Gary has worked for all the major comic companies on such titles as Spider-Man, Batman, Star Wars and Mickey Mouse. He is best known for his work with Steve Rude on Nexus and Moth and author of two volumes of The Art of Comic Book Inking.  You can find more of Gary’s work at his website and comicartfans gallery.

Original art by Jack Kirby and Mike Royer (via What If Kirby).

Character Wednesday

Many thanks to Steven Russell Black for contacting Kirby-Vision with the news that the collaborative art project Character Wednesday now has a new home. The blog (previously featured at Ferret Press) has been up and running for a couple of weeks now and the first two characters to find themselves rendered by the collective are Etrigan the Demon and Captain America. Presented below is just a small selection of some of the contributions so far. Be sure to check out the blog for many more.

Tim McClurg

Dmitry Sharkov

Andy Bennett

Brent Bowman

Steven Russell Black

The Demon


Etrigan, The Demon courtesy of Missouri based artist Chris Samnee. Chris is currently providing art for Marvel’s Siege: Embedded and the forthcoming graphic novel, Area Ten for Vertigo Crime. For more masterful monochrome artwork check out chris’ blog and DeviantArt page.

Thunderfoot & The Demon


Jay Piscopo re-imagines Kirby’s unrealized concept Thunderfoot as an animated cartoon. Jay also gives us this great image of The Demon which is reminiscent of a Hanna-Barbera title card. Etrigan vs. Scooby-Doo anyone?


The Demon


Etrigan the Demon and alter-ego Jason Blood courtesy of Colorado based cartoonist Evan “Doc” Shaner. You can find more of Evan’s distinctive artwork at his blog and Deviantart page.

The Demon


Pop Art Etrigan from Memphis based graphic designer Chris Haley. Chris also provides art to Curt Franklin’s words at their webcomic (“It’s a comic about comics”), Let’s Be Friends Again.

The Demon


Etrigan the Demon courtesy of Writer/Artist Jason Latour. Based in North Carolina, Jason’s credits include Battle Pope, Invincible, Popgun and co-creator of The Expatriate. More of Jason’s work can be seen at Live Journal and DeviantArt.

Little Etrigan

Just what every child needs at bedtime – a cuddly Demon.
More of Kittyzilla’s creations at flickr and Handmade Stuffs blog.