Amazing Adult Fantasy #15


Graphic designer and comic book artist Paul Sizer re-designs Amazing Fantasy #15 for Warren EllisWhitechapel forum Remake/Remodel challenge. Michigan based Paul is the creator of the self-published graphic novels Little White Mouse, Moped Army and the multi-media music based B.P.M. You can find more of Paul’s artwork at his website and DeviantArt page.

And if you really need reminding what the original Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko cover looks like, you can find it here.

One thought on “Amazing Adult Fantasy #15

  1. Paul Sizer

    Jason, thanks so much for posting my cover on your incredible blog/site! It’s really great to see all the artists inspired and in debt to the amazing work that Jack did for our industry.

    For those of you just hearing about Warren Ellis’ WHITECHAPEL site, I would encourage you to follow the above links to check out the rest of the amazing artwork done for that and other threads. Ellis is a huge supporter of good comics and runs a very spirited and lively internet community over there. Not for the faint of heart, but for certain for those who love quality comic writing and art!

    Thanks again!


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