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Dropping in from “…the World that’s Coming!”, it’s Buddy Blank aka OMAC courtesy of Florida based artist Ron Salas. Ron “designs shirts by day and draws comics by night”, the latest of which is Existence 3.0 for Image. You can see more of Ron’s work at his websitedeviantArt page and also at the rather fabulous collaborative sketch blog, Comic Twart.


O.M.A.C. by Filipino comic book Writer, Artist and Publisher Gerry Alanguilan. Gerry is the creator of Wasted, Timawa, Humanis Rex! and Elmer. He has adapted and illustrated various short stories for Graphic Classics and inked numerous projects for Marvel, DC and Image. He has a online journal here and portfolio here.

Gerry is also the custodian of the Philippine Comics Art Museum Online. Dedicated to the artwork of Filipino comic Illustrators by the likes of Nestor Redondo, Alex Niño, Alfredo Alcala and many others, it is essential viewing for anyone interested in the history of comic art.


Thomas Perkins has spent the last ten years as Character Designer on a variety of animated projects that include: The Batman, Spectacular Spider-Man and Ben 10. As well as his work as a Freelance Props Artist, Thomas has recently provided artwork for the Komikwerks anthology ‘Thrills & Chills’. More artwork can be found at DeviantArt and Thomas’s portfolio blogs here & here.