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Captain America


Captain America convention sketch by British illustrator Chris Weston. Chris came to prominence in the late 80’s with story Killing Time for stalwart British weekly 2000 A.D. His extensive comic-book credits include Swamp Thing, The Invisibles, The Filth, Ministry of Space and The Twelve. Chris has recently provided concept and storyboard art for the latest Denzil Washington movie: The Book of Eli.

Captain America


Captain America convention sketch by Missouri based writer/artist Matt Kindt. Matt is the creator of the graphic novels Pistolwhip, Two Sisters, Super Spy and the forthcoming 3 Story: The Secret History of the Giant Man. You can find more of Matt’s work at his website and blog.

Captain America: Tank Surfer

Cap Tank Surfer

Captain America by Texas based artist Cat Staggs. Cat is best known for her association with LUCASFILM producing highly collectible trading cards and prints of the Star Wars galaxy. More of Cat’s work, including heroes from the Marvel and DC universes, can be found here and here.

The Glory Days


A retired Steve Rogers reflects on his glory days in this charming piece from New Jersey illustrator/graphic designer, Ian Glaubinger. You can find more of Ian’s work at DeviantArt and his blog, Doodles from My Noodle.

The Captain in his Prime


Dynamic Captain America art courtesy of American Graphic Designer/Illustrator Chris Johnson.

Captain America’s Day Off


Singapore based Graphic Designer Tilen provides this study of Captain America enjoying some well deserved time-off. This illustration is just one of an on-going project of pen & marker pieces featured at Tilen’s collaborative art blog, Pen, Marker & Magic.

Captain America


Captain America by Scottish Graphic Designer/Illustrator Euan Mactavish. Euan is one of the moderators and regular contributors at drawingboard.0rg and you can find more of his digitally painted portraits and caricatures at his blog Paper, Pencil, Pixels.