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The Marvel Superhero Hour

The core members of The Avengers: Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, courtesy of Michael Cho. If you picked up one of these gouache and ink paintings at the recent Toronto Comics Arts Festival then you are indeed a lucky fellow. More of Michael’s Marvel Superheroes can be found at his blog here and here.

Iron Man



Vintage Captain America Poster


This is just one in a series of vintage style comic character posters, designed by Iowa based artist Michael Blaine Myers Jr. The full series of seven posters, which also include iconic D.C. heroes, are available to purchase at Imagekind. Micheal’s versatile artwork has also graced a number of T-shirts available from Threadless. You can find more of Michael’s work, including character designs for a Lost animation series, at his website, Flickr and Behance.

Kirby Animated

VSBlog_S4 (74)VSBlog_S4 (62)

Kirby animated character designs by Spanish writer/artist Victor Santos. Victor is the creator of the Spanish language graphic novels Pulp Heroes, Black Kaiser, Lone in Heaven and The Elven Kings. His recent move into the US market has seen his art grace the pages of Vertigo Crime’s Filthy Rich and Image’s Mice Templar: Destiny. You can find a wealth of Victor’s fabulous artwork at his website and blog.

VSBlog_S4 (48)VSBlog_S4 (40)

Kirby-Vision would like to thank Mark Kardwell for the link to Victor’s work.

Captain America


Captain America speed sketch courtesy of Nebraska based illustrator/animator Jim Mehsling. For more of Jim’s work be sure to visit his DeviantArt page and blog.

Jack Kirby’s Art is Pure


Jack Kirby’s Art is Pure, gouache painting courtesy of Portland based artist Ian D. Seniff.

Avengers #151


Avengers #151, inked and coloured from original Kirby pencils by Scott Reed.


Original cover by Jack Kirby and Dan Adkins can be found here.

1943: American Forces in Italy


Italian artist Stefano Pavan steps into the Kirby-Vision spotlight. A life long Kirby devotee, Stefano’s work has appeared in the Italian comic anthologies Freak City, Monstars and Fulci: Poeta del Macabro. In the first piece this week from Stefano, we find Captain America, Bucky and the Howling Commandos enjoying some well earned R and R at the beginning the Allied troops Italian Campaign.

Captain America #199


Captain America #199 re-imagined by Al Bigley. Original cover by Jack Kirby and Frank Giacoia here.

Captain America


Al Bigley provides this study of Captian America from original Jack Kirby pencils. Al’s diverse career has included comics for Marvel, D.C., Archie, Image and Disney, character design for the classic Batman: Animated series, a host of merchandising and licensed products and more recently the iPhone/iPod comic Geminar. He is the author of Draw Comics Like a Pro. Check out his website for more fabulous artwork.

cap kirby pencils marvel

The Mighty Avengers!


The Mighty Avengers! rendered in markers and ink, courtesy of Michael Cho.