Blazin’ Glory

Blazin’ Glory, by Dave Elliott (script & inks) and Paris Cullins‘ (layouts), first appeared in the British anthology title A1 in 1990 and also forms part of the title’s imminent digital relaunch (which can be previewed here). Many thanks to Dave for the wonderful artwork and also this delightful reminiscence:
“I was lucky enough to meet Jack Kirby several times and on one visit to his house I gave him a copy of the comic (A1 book 1) that the story first appeared in.  I think it was 1991.  Jack looked at it and started telling me what was going through his head when he drew it.  Roz laughed and touched his arm, telling him he didn’t do it.  He smiled and asked me to sign it for him.”

2 thoughts on “Blazin’ Glory

  1. Richard Bensam

    I’ve been waiting over twenty years to confess my Blazin’ Glory anecdote. Shortly after the first issue of A1 was published, I met Dave Elliott at a comic shop in London. I believed that Blazin’ Glory was an actual vintage strip, and wanted to question him as to how he’d discovered this story so obscure I’d never even heard of it. I started to say “Wow, that Blazin’ Glory strip was really something…” and Dave immediately thanked me and started talking about working with Paris Cullins on it, making me realize my error. (One suspects Dave may have guessed my mistake and, being a gentleman, jumped in to spare me embarrassment.) To learn all these years later that Kirby himself made the same mistake makes me feel much better!

  2. Dave Elliott

    Hi Richard,

    Another interesting anecdote about Blazing Glory is he inspired DC Comics “General Glory” who appeared in the Justice League years ago. Andy Helfer hired Paris and myself to do the origin sequences in the story to go with the story arc that were set during WW2.

    I’m also please to announce that Blazing Glory returns to A1 soon as an ongoing strip called ODYSSEY. I even got Jim Steranko to design the logo and do a variant cover!

    I still kick myself for not asking Jack to do a sketch of Glory when I saw him.


    – Dave


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