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Many thanks to Davide Occhicone for contacting Kirby-Vision with the news that Italian comic website Lo Spazio Bianco is currently celebrating 50 years of the Fantastic Four. Over the next few weeks the website will be presenting 33 brand new pieces of art paying homage to Kirby and FF’s momentous debut issue.

Fantastic Four #1 re-imagined by legendary artist Giorgio Cavazzano.

4 thoughts on “FF Celebration

  1. Davide Occhicone

    Mr. Fludd…
    maybe “rudeness” is in the eyes of who’s looking…
    I was sure they were buttons but if you say these are nipples…
    BTW, Cavazzano is an “enormous” master in drawing and he usually use his “deformed” and “cartoon” stroke coming from his dozens of years drawings Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse…
    Give a look please here:
    And here:


  2. J.A. Fludd

    Dear Davide:

    I’m sure Mr. Cavazzano is every bit as accomplished an artist as you say. I do have a problem with people portraying women characters in hyper-sexualized ways that they would never do with male characters, something that happens a lot in comics. Thanks for taking a moment to respond to me.

    Cheers back,

    J.A. Fludd

  3. Davide Occhicone

    Thanks to you to understand I was simply joking.
    As you said each one of us has its own “sensibility” and I’l sorry Cavazzano “hurted” yours.
    But from my point of view it is only “cartoon” style.


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