Fourth World

Presenting another Kirby inspired track from poet/songwriter Angelo Worthy.

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Fourth World

For the chosen few. And it don’t stop. Back once again, yes of course y’all. The Uni-Friend with a burner for your Source Wall. Pick up your Solar Phone. The Caller is on the line. It’s easy to rise and shine after the escape artist breaks all the ties that bind. Beautiful Dreamer, I was born to fly. It’s a miracle I’m still alive. I’m like a Spartan child thrown off the edge of the cliff for his impairments, who grew a pair of Aero Disks and didn’t perish. See me soar in the wind, call me the Air apparent. Child of God, call me the Heir apparent. Birth of a new age, call me the Era parent. Aura shines brightly like the hair of Paris. My special effects are set to Alpha. If I met Omega, I bet I would get a positive outcome. They try to stop me, but I breathe the Apokoliptic mist of Miracles and I’m Scot Free. They wanna see me in an early grave. But my skin is a Jack Kirby page. Heiros Gamos, cause of the stigmata. Cover me with panels of armor like Big Barda.

chorus (X4)

Angelo Worthy. We’re in the Fourth World. Apokolips, New Genesis. Rise of the New Gods. Sit in the Mobius Chair. Now you’re sailing on the Dimension Winds. The Winds of Infinity! Taaru!!!!!

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