MODOK Museum

Today, Kirby-Vision presents a small selection of Kasra Ghanbari’s collection of over 200 commissions and original artwork featuring that villainous arch-fiend MODOK.

Bob McLeod

Robert Hack

Steve Mannion

Josef Rubinstein

Giorgio Comolo

Many thanks to Kasra for sharing his collection. You can find the rest of this marvellous MODOK museum over at Kasra’s Comicartpage.

4 thoughts on “MODOK Museum

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  3. Brendan Tobin

    Kasra has a truly amazing collection of MODOK art beyond the few pieces shown here. We have been very lucky to have befriended Kasra and he has been kind enough to share his collection with the viewers of March MODOK Madness, our annual celebratory blog that is active every March.


  4. Mike Pascale

    Bravo!! Great pieces, but that’s like having three fries and a piece of lettuce at In-And-Out Burger. Kasra’s collection is as insane as MODOK himself. (A major honor that I’m in it!) Check out his gallery at and see fo’ yo’self.



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