Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik

IsaacB2_Burning Bush

Burning Bush (above) and Pillar of Cloud, Pillar of Fire (below) courtesy of Californian artist/graphic designer, Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik. Taken from his latest exhibition, Paper Midrash, these paper-cut art pieces are based on bible stories and intersect comic mythology with the mythos of Judaism by use of cut-up comic books as background textures.

Pillar of Cloud, Pillar of Fire_Isaacb2

The backgrounds incorporate a mix of different artists and characters including Alex Ross, Gil Kane, John Byrne, classic Sub-Mariner, early JLA and the Fantastic Four. Of particular interest to readers of Kirby-Vision is the inclusion of Jack Kirby’s artwork of  The Human Torch and The Watcher, highlighted in the details below (click to enlarge).

Burning Bush-detail_IsaacB2 Pillar of Cloud, Pillar of Fire-detail_Isaacb2

Isaac’s show runs from January 24th to February 27th at the Merage Jewish Community Center of Orange County, details of which can be found here.

IsaacB2_The Flood IsaacB2_Revelation at Sinai IsaacB2_Tree of Knowledge

Above: The Flood, Revelation, The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (click to enlarge).

A short article by John Morrow on the influences of Judaism on Jack Kirby’s work can be found here.

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