The Thing in Steel


This 2ft tall 400lb steel bust of the ever lovin’ blue eyed Thing is by Wisconsin steel fabricator Steve F/BrokenHill. Ben Grimm and Jack Kirby’s work have been a major influences on Steve’s art ever since 6th grade. You can follow the evolution of this fantastic piece over at the PencilJack forum, where you can also find some of Steve’s drawings. Additionally, be sure to take a look at Steve’s DeviantArt page where you’ll find more of his steelwork sculpture.

Kirby-Vision would like to thank Andy Bennett for the link to BrokenHill’s work.

3 thoughts on “The Thing in Steel

  1. Mike

    I have seen many of Steve’s drawing, sketches and other art work. I like his work so much I have had a few of his drawings tattooed on my body. He is a very talented young man with a great imagination and an open mind for new and old things with a different view. I am very glad to know him and hope he continues to do what he loves. He’s a great friend.

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