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Valentine Special

Riffing on Kirby’s early Romance comics here’s an imaginary Cover for ‘The Fantastic Four Valentine Special‘ created by curator Jason Garrattley.

Bizarre Adventures

Always a pleasure to showcase new work from Marc Basile. This time Marc presents a Marvel project that never was but maybe it should have been. Marc writes, “I concocted the cover from some Earl Norem artwork and the storyboard was from Kirby’s stint at Ruby Spears studio, colored to look like storyboard marker art.”

Nobody does it better


Many thanks to Moti Friedman for this striking Kirby portrait. Moti and his wife Noga are the creators of the childrens’ book series Upside-Down World, of which more can be found here.

Happy 99th Birthday Jack!

Today marks the 99th anniversary of Jack Kirby’s birth and to celebrate KIRBY-VISION proudly presents our annual portrait gallery in honour of ‘The King of Comics’.


Richard A. Fuscia, Jr.


J.A. Fludd


Jim Stewart


Russell Payne


Jason Garrattley


Renato Stevanato


Marc Basile

A huge thank you to all the artists who took the time to contribute to this year’s celebrations. Happy Birthday Jack!, your inspiration lives on. Long live The King!

Contribute to Jack Kirby’s 99th Birthday Portrait Gallery


Sunday 28th August marks the 99th anniversary of the birth of Jack Kirby. To celebrate
the occasion, Kirby-Vision would like to invite all of our readers to contribute to our annual
Birthday Portrait Gallery.

As you can see from our previous galleries –201520142013201220112010 and 2009 – there’s a lot of love out there for ‘The King of Comics’ and everyone who has contributed
in the past has excelled themselves with their tributes.

If you would like to contribute to this years’ gallery please send your artwork to the usual
address. The deadline for submissions is Friday 26th August and please mark your
emails ‘Kirby Portrait Gallery’.

Thank you.



Many thanks to Chris Sewell for submitting this digital rendering from Jack’s original pencils.


Birthday Cover

Karl's Birthday 150

J.A. Fludd works a variation of the classic Kirby-Sinnott cover for Fantastic Four #164, a birthday gift for his British born boyfriend, Karl.


February 6, 1994

06 february def

Renato Stevanato pays tribute to the ‘King of Comics’ on the anniversary of his death 22 years ago today.

Holiday Gallery

Kirby-Vision would like to wish each and everyone of our readers the very best for the holiday season. To celebrate, and to take us into the new year, we’d like to present a mini-gallery of Kirby inspired creations for your enjoyment. Happy Holidays folks!


Marc Basile


Infinitely Spectrum by Jeremy Landis

jack kirby

Rusty Gilligan


Jim Stewart

Doctor doom in Color

Rick Baiker