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FF & Doom

Dan Hipp creates “nerdy pop-culture art” in a singular, colourful style that’s always striking and comical. He is the creator of The Amazing Joy Buzzards, Gyakushu and the forthcoming all-ages book, Stray Days. You can find a plethora of Dan’s work at his blog and Flickr.

Fantastic Four #1

Paul Sizer recreates Jack’s iconic Fantastic Four #1 cover for Green Brain Comics FF 50th tribute exhibition.

Geek Tragedies

Classic Kirby covers parodied by Josel Nicolas (art) and Adam David (colour & design) to accompany Carljoe Javier’s book of short stories, Geek Tragedies. The book is a mixture of “realist fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror …zombies, alien-hands, comic book geeks, convention-attending promo girls and an iPod time machine”. You can find out more about the book and the creation of these covers here and here. Geek Tragedies is available for Kindle via Amazon.

Original covers below by Kirby, Ayers and Sinnott.

Four Music

Please be upstanding L.A. based poet/songwriter Angelo Worthy who presents two rather magnificent compositions inspired by Kirby characters. These songs are part of a series of comic book and video game related works which feature tributes to Batman, Green Lantern, Spider-Man and many others. The full EPIC playlist can be found at YouTube. For more from Angelo check out his pages at MySpace and Facebook.

Click on an image to open track in a new window.

Fantastic Four

I sonicaly flame on since you wanted these rays cosmic. Audibly A-bombin’ I bodily paint targets. Wanna see change? Watch as the modeling clay hardens. Unstable Particles all have became solid. I’ve got Ben Grimm tendencies. Thick skin harder than the water underneath penguins feet. And after I speak this word you’ll see pictures. My rhymes will expand your mind like Reed Richards. You can call me Mr. Fantastic. You benefitted when I invented hallucinogenic elixirs. My heat signature forms a fiery baptism. Sound mind and body. Perceive it with your bat-vision. 85% didn’t hear a thing. Brushed it off as a hair brained conspiracy. While the rest with the radar sense used the secret information to aid our quest. Harnessing the technology of the Deviants depends upon the proper heating of the ingredients. Then the surface layers begin to gear up after the subterranean levels erupt. Labels keep the Masters so I make art in an apartment like Alicia Masters. I’m like Black Bolt, speech is impact full. Sound murals hit, you feel like you’ve been tackled. Sounds from the underground like Mole Man. I change your skin color like Soul Man. And give you what you’re askin’ for. This Rap is for the Fantastic Four.


I sit motionless atop the Seat of Power waiting to discover another planet to be devoured, Lest my celestial body become emaciated, my gargantuan hunger must be satiated. So one by one, I leave planets conquered with only occasional interference from the Watchers. I let a deep breath fill the lungs. Then, exhale to let the silver tongue send verses to surf into your person for the purpose of heralding the imminent emergence of the Worldship. My forces effortlessly penetrated your defenses with Power Cosmic that I demonstrate in your dimension. Your attention encourages my body of work, providing proper nourishment for its assured existence. My digestive processes set your skull afire. My stomach functions as an Ultimate Nullifier. The blessing I bestow upon the lay beings is the honor of palliating my cravings. Yet in a matter of time I will again need a planetary life force to sustain me. I’m a day tripper. Clairaudient living embodiment of Jacob Kurtzberg’s illustration work. Aura Tattooed with tech from Taa II. Exoskeletal ancient alien fossils. Deep space exploration archaeological. Got you diggin’ into my chronicles tryna find the bones. You oughta know that my exhalation demonstrates a successful excavation. The Boy of Fire prophesied by Uatu. Some people tell me you watch too many cartoons.

Heroes & Villains

Two action packed pieces that wouldn’t look out of place on the covers of their respective books by Alex Williamson. Alex is a senior designer for a sign/vehicle wrap company and a part-time artist (currently working on sample pages) and co-creator of the webcomic Brass Falcon. You can find more of his work at his website – here.

Model Heroes

Give it up for Pete Von Sholly who poses the question, What If… Aurora had produced Fantastic Four model kits ‘back in the day’. Writer, artist, director, animator and recording artist, Pete has worn many hats during his career. He has storyboarded over a hundred feature films including Mars Attacks, The Mask and The Shawshank Redemption. Pete is also the creator of the graphic novels, Morbid and Extremely Weird Stories and the satirical magazines, Crazy Hip Groovy Go Go Way Out Monsters and Comic Book Nerd. You can find a treasure trove of Pete’s work at his website and blog and also purchase this set of fantasy boxes via

Four Forty-Nine

The ever popular Fantastic Four #49 re-created for a private commision by Boston based illustrator Paul Thomas Gould.

Original cover, below, by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott.

4 Freedoms Plaza

Although not strictly a Kirby creation, 4 Freedom Plaza has been home to the Fantastic Four since the mid-eighties, a fact celebrated by Justin Van Genderen in just one of a series of travel posters based on mythological comic book locations. Justin is a freelance graphic designer/illustrator based in Chicago and you can find comprehensive galleries of his commercial and personal work at his website, Flickrpage and the Behance Network.

The Catastic Four

Tampa based artist Mike Maihack‘s unique vision of Marvel’s first family. Mike is the editor and art director of the Christian comic anthology, Parable, and creator of the webcomics, Cow & Buffalo and Cleopatra in Space. You can find more of Mike’s lovely artwork at his website, blog and DeviantArt page.